Prompt.Cash FAQ

We only store your xPub (public key) of your wallet. You can enter your xPub in your account settings. Because we do never hold the corresponding private key we can not transfer or lock your money.

If you go to your account history and you see payments on our website marked as "paid" but the corresponding money does not show in your wallet, this means that your wallet did not scan for all addresses generated by our backend.

Your wallet should have an option to scan for more addresses. In ElectronCash you can find this option under: Wallet -> Scan more addresses

If your wallet does not have an option to "scan for more addresses", you can import your money into ElectronCash. This is done by "sweeping private keys" - which means sending all money from your old wallet to a new wallet you are creating now. For more information click here. Remember to ensure your xPub on our website is up-to-date after doing these steps.

If you already sent money:
Please contact the merchant/shop you were buying from. He controls the wallet with your partial payment and he can issue a refund or arrange for you to pay the ramaining amount.

If you did not send any money:
Just go back to the merchant/shop and start a new payment from there.

We support 0-conf which means your payments will usually confirm within seconds. However, for larger transactions some merchants can set a minimum amount of confirmations (in blocks). Every 10 minutes there is a new block, so in this case your payment should confirm within 10-30 minutes (depending on required confirmations).

There are many wallets out there supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If you do not know where to get started, downloading the Wallet is our recommended step. This wallet lets you send and receive BCH as well as buy BCH using your Credit Card.

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